If you are interested in Old Shepherds huts, are restoring one, looking for an original hut or personalised hut accesories, then this is the place to come.

We began to collate photo’s and hut manufacturers details after we found our first hut over 11 years ago. Very little if anything was published at that time, even on the internet so we decided to change that in order to help those that also wanted to discover the pleasure that restoring and using a hut themselves.

Interest in our first hut meant it was voted one of the UK’s top 10 individually submitted items on the BBC radio 4’s ‘The history of the World in 100 objects! To view the BBC video click on the link: BBC History or to watch a short video on Hut History we did with Anglia ITV click on: Bygones historic shepherd hut video

We have only scrapped the surface so far and we know there are lots more out there, either restored, sitting in the corner of a field or a wood, or in restoration. Please feel free to contact us If you have one of your own, know of one, or can add some history to a manufacturer that you know of.

The position of any hut remains absolutely confidential unless it is situated on land open to public access, such as a museum, so please tell us about them so we can add a photo and a brief history to our site. If it is manufactured by a company already covered, please still send us details – we now have details of over 350 huts in our archive


Huts for homing
See our huts re-homing pagewith a selection of original Shepherd huts looking for pastures new. Have a look and send us an e-mail with the hut you are interested in, and we will send your details to the owner. Genuine huts for huttists who like the real thing – and at realistic prices!

Please note: The huts on this site are generally not for sale. We are enthusiasts, not dealers. We have had so many requests from people who have a hut they would like to sell or would like one, that we are more than happy take your details and put interested parties in touch.
It’s rewarding enough for us to help find them a good home and ensure they are preserved for future generations. If it’s help or restoration advice you require, we also have access to a network of artisans and material suppliers. Wood, Carpentry, Blacksmith’s, or Tin for the roof, feel free to contact us.

Really – we will tryand help if we can! Feel free to e-mail us atmailto:ian.mcdonald1@homecall.co.uk
or contact us on 01603 759764

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