Boulton and Paul Survivors

Two of the four survivors we know of from the company that made Airships and prefabricated victorian mansions 

This hut was found in Cumbria by one of our many ‘hut spotters’ who after looking at our website, have become infected with the ‘hutting bug’ and regularly report new sightings to us after finding a hut on a walk or a drive in the countryside. It is interesting to find a hut in such hilly terrain, its position against two walls probably means this could have well been the site of the Lambing pens where sheep would have been brought down from the foothills to relative safety of an enclosure.

Boulton and Paul Norwich on the hinges shows the huts pedigree

A side on shot in lovely countryside

Fixed axles and a long way from its place of birth


Closer to home but this poor old girl needs a bit more than TLC!

Spotted at the end of a farm track about 15 miles south of Norwich where she was made, the owner of this poor old hut had no idea of her pedigree until a visit confirmed her original role. Minus floor and wheels she protects drums of tractor lubricant rather than a Norfolk flock. Hopefully her previous role may mean a happier future. With close rail links to many hut manufacturing sites, delivery of manufactured goods to virtually anywhere in England in the late 1800’s really wasn’t a problem. The cost of delivery in many cases was included in the price! Indeed, we have found a number of West country huts that have come to Norfolk from as far afield as Wiltshire. Dependable mail-order over a hundred years before the Internet.