Huts for Rehoming

A select of huts awaiting new pastures


Although we do not deal in Shepherd huts we are always happy to put those who have a hut and want to sell it, in touch with those searching for an original.

Please contact us by email if you are interested in any of the examples shown and we will forward your details to the owners.

Currently the hut below is the only one currently we know of for sale. This is due to an increase in popularity following a couple of really good TV programs on the subject.

Originally believed to have started life as a hut made by Mallons of Swaffham in Norfolk, this hut has been restored by a building companies apprentices. Although not entirely too original specifications, the restoration is non-the-less a study rebuild and has preserved a hut ideally suited to any use. This hut is fitted with fixed axles (as the original design). It is more suited to be lifted into its final home, rather than towing into place. The wheels look as though they will turn easily but a little preparation work will be required to ensure a good fix of the wheel stub axles onto the wooden bearers.

Situated near Norwich in Norfolk, a price guide of £3750-4250 should secure a lovely hut, perfect for a static installation. When e-mailing quote Norfolk hut and we will send your contact details to the owner. 


Click on the link below; let us know what hut you are interested in and we will send on your details.

All negotiations are between the owner and yourselves and we play no part in the sale. We may however be able to assist with details of transport and restoration.