Mallons of Swaffham

A commercial hut builder from 1896


Richard Mallon of Swaffham is registered as a Carpenter with a business in London street Swaffham Norfolk in the 1883 Kelly’s directory for the area, business must have been good as by the time the 1891 census was published he was still there plying his trade to the Norfolk market town and surrounding district.

In 1894, Richard bought advertising space in the Farming labour accounts book published by Jarrolds of Norfolk, this fantastic source of information is the very first time that a Shepherd hut appears in the company catalogue, indeed it is the earliest remaining reference of the businesses products.

Mallon’s, although not a national name was certainly a massive hit with Norfolk farmer’s as witnessed by the sheer number of surviving examples, there relative good state of preservation as all wood huts bear testament to the quality of workmanship.




The hut above was offered with fixed non-steerable axles in the 1896 catalogue for the sum of £11.10/- carriage paid. If fitted with a Stove the cost rose by 25 shillings. So far we have only found Mallon huts in Norfolk, but free delivery and the proximately to the rail station where these were made must mean there are survivors elsewhere.