Reeves Shepherds Huts

A selection of sturdy huts from Bratton Iron Works

Reeves Shepherd huts were offered for sale for £29 with the addition of £1 for a stove to keep the occupant warm on a cold evening. The interior of the hut was lined with matchboard offering a degree of insulation to an otherwise cold galvanised tin exterior in the winter months. Of interest is the wire mesh covered window in the top of the stable door which is characteristic of Reeves Huts. as is a fixed steel axle at the door end.



A well presented original Reeves hut at the Dorset steam Fair in Dorset. The match board lining can be seen just inside the door.

The Shepherds tool leaning against the front of the hut is a Sheep dipping tool. The air vent (also seen on Tasker huts) probably assists keeping grain stored inside the hut free from moisture in the advertised secondary role as a Granary store.

The cast iron builders plaque over the door shows that Reeves was limited company at the time of manufacturer indicating that this was probably made after 1902.


Another Reeves hut, this one living in North Norfolk. An interesting modification pushing back the wall to the beginning of the second bay gives a veranda on which to spend a summer’s evening surveying a large pond which is crossed by a causeway to access this modified West Country hut.