Taskers of Andover – Huts

A selection of substantial Tasker shepherd huts


Shown here is a small selection of Tasker shepherd huts which have appeared at the Dorset Steam Fair. In 2011 around 27 huts could be found at the show and the occasion is an ideal opportunity for already converted or budding ‘Huttist’s’ to gather, exchange anecdotes or become thoroughly infected with the ‘Hut bug’!

It was interesting to see how the level of recognition and interest shown in the various shepherd huts displays has increased, especially hearing comments this year such as I know what that is, seen those in my magazine or on the tele“. Albeit this new found recognition has led to some owners of dilapidated and neglected huts to assume that the pile of rotting wood in their coppice will pay for the next generations university tuition fees, or even worse burn the hut and sell the wheels and axles on ebay! Thankfully even in these times of economic austerity, there are still those people who recognise the ‘real intrinsic value’ of their hut, both in economic and historical terms, to ensure that a good number are still finding their way into restoration. I’m pleased to say quite a few through our web site, as well as plethora professional restorers

If any Tasker hut owner reading this would like to send in your own Tasker details please do, we would be very pleased to add it to or archive. The same for anyone holding any Tasker sales literature for these lovely old ladies and enable other huts owners to glean some more detail surrounding the manufacture and sale of these stunning examples of Andover craftsmanship.  

Massive cast iron wheels are a tell-tale sign of Tasker wooden axle huts


Iron axles adorn this hut suspended on its own trailer for ease of transportation
Solid as the day it was built and ready to any face downland trackway